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Health issues should be important concerns for all breeds, not just bouviers.  Verify with your breeder the OFA/PennHIP health testing performed by collecting the AKC registered name/number of the sire and dam, and going to OFA's website, or requesting copies of the health testing forms that have the board certified specialists' evaluation of the health exam.  There are veterinarians who have continued their education through residency programs, and have passed strenuous board exams to achieve diplomat status in their specific area, such as radiology, cardiology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, surgery, critical care.  Please persist to obtain this information from your breeder, as it can affect the life and health of your future family member.  As a member of the Bouvier Health Foundation, and as a veterinarian, I have very strong feeling regarding the health and wellbeing of our breed.

BouvierHealth topics

  1.  SAS or Sub-aortic Stenosis:
  2.  Primary Glaucoma:
  3. Hip dysplasia:
  4. Elbow dysplasia:
  5. Health certification database: ; This website allows you to search dogs and pedigrees, to find information on potential parents of litters 
  6. Bouvier Health Foundation:
  7. Vaccines:
  8. Titer of immunity to vaccines :
  9. Titers:

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