About Us
     I became interested in bouviers after
meeting my first one during the summer of
1985.  I was working as a veterinary tech,
and a woman brought in the large black male bouvier with the most wonderful, calm
demeanor.  After dealing with bounce off
the wall, hyperactive sporting dogs all day,
this dog was a delight!  I began researching
the breed, attending dog shows and talking
with breeders.  A year and a half later, I
purchased my first bouvier, a cute little
brindle boy, Blackstone's Chevalier Gris, a.k.a.
"Grizz".  Grizz accompanied me everywhere,

including nights at vet school to study, lying under my desk while I examined histopath slides or reviewed
for tests.  Through trial and error, I showed Grizz to his AKC championship.  Later, more bouviers were
added to the family.  Initially, we called ourselves "Bluemoon Kennels" because we only bred once in
a blue moon.  Later,  I choose to change the name to Legacy Bouviers.
     Our goal is to strive for excellence in health and temperament, as each puppy ultimately becomes
an important member of the new family.  That is not to say we don't strive for beauty, because the
standard  is our goal too.  We don't produce a lot of puppies, but work hard to improve what we
have each step of the way.  The dogs selected for breeding come from healthy parents and bloodlines
that have not demonstrated genetic health issues.  Additionally, we utilize health testing for our dogs, including OFA hips, OFA elbows, OFA heart (either cardiologist or specialist examined), CERF,
gonioscopy, and recently PennHIP certified as well.   With proper health testing, as well as critical examination of extended pedigrees (siblings, half-siblings, parents), we hope to reduce the risks of producing puppies with genetic health issues.  We also evaluateour puppies as they grow, and do our best to place each puppy in the best fitting home based on their personality and the the personality and lifestyle of the new family.
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