Legacy's Dream Come True
Health Certifications:
Hips: BF-3936G24F-T
Elbows: BF-EL413-T
Heart: BF-CA413/26F/S-T
CERF: BF-457/2008-146
Gonioscopy evaluated
Karlee was one of the matriarchs of our family. She spent her days
sleeping on my son's bed, making herself look like a rug on the floor,
socializing puppies, and keeping Fats in line. She greeted visitors with a friendly paw slap that was sometimes painfully misplaced on the recipient, but was always ready to make up by leaning into their legs for attention. Her big brown eyes always showed her love of life, until the very end. She will be dearly missed.
Karlee Offspring
CHIC # 38230
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